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The Mulch Pro Difference

Don’t let the sun suck away the soil moisture. Use Chandler’s high-quality mulch to create healthy landscapes.

Spray Truck Mulching

Making mulching quicker and easier, Chandler’s spray truck mulching saves you time so you can spend it creating memories with your family in your perfectly manicured lawn.



Keeping the value and look of your landscaping investment requires continual efforts. Without proper upkeep and maintenance, rain may wash the soil away or sunlight may suck up all the water content, making the garden look dry and barren. This all may require extra work and time in order to maintain soil fertility and attractiveness.

Chandler’s Mulch Pro offers you an easy but effective solution to all these problems in the form of its high-quality Memphis mulch products and services. The company spreads an even, thick layer of 100% organic mulch on top to retain the moisture and improve soil fertility. To further enhance the customers’ convenience, Chandler’s offers a mulch blowing service can mulch huge flower beds and vast commercial landscapes efficiently, creating a smooth, perfectly even surface that looks great and adds to the curb appeal of the property.

Chandler’s Mulch Pro — Making Landscapes Look Great Since 1991


The goal of Chandler’s Mulch Pro, a leading landscaping company, is to create healthier and sustainable garden and green spaces while retaining their beauty and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the company offers high-quality mulch products that are rich in color and offer great functionality to the user.

Pine Mulch

Featuring the distinct shredded appearance and natural aroma of pine, the pine mulch offered by Chandler’s Mulch Pro is perfect to mulch flower beds or to enhance the growth of acid-loving plants, such as roses and rhododendrons.

Tree Bark Mulch

Suitable for a variety of applications, the true bark mulch offers you great moisture retention, weed control, and perfect aesthetics because of its rich rustic colors. Since bark mulches decomposes slowly, they offer you maximum durability and are perfect for clients with limited landscaping budget.

Mulch Blowing Service

DIY mulching techniques may help you reduce the costs spent on mulch installation but they’re very time-consuming and inefficient. Chandler’s offers you a viable solution in the form of its Mulch Blowing Service that works perfectly on the most complex terrains and creates the perfect even look you desire for your garden.

Add the Perfect Finishing Touch Your Garden Deserves


Chandler’s Mulch Pro offers a wide range of quality mulches — delivered to your doorstep in no time, at wholesale rates. Keep your landscapes looking beautiful all year with Chandler’s high-quality mulch and mulch blowing services.

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