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Offering mulching services and products in Olive Branch, Southwind, Southaven, and Memphis, Chandler’s Mulch Pro is the market leader in 100% organic mulch products and mulch blowing services for residential and commercial landscaping and playground applications.

The company promises its customers access to a wide range of best quality mulch products, including pine mulch and tree bark mulch, that not only make the landscape’s surface smoother and safer, but also add to its aesthetics and visual appeal. Combining the high-quality products with the industry-acclaimed mulch blowing technique, Chandler’s Mulch Pro offers you unmatched cost and time savings.

Why Chandler’s Mulch Pro?


Mulching is an important landscaping task that directly influences the appearance and life of your landscaping investment. Therefore, it is important that you work with a reliable landscaping company that has the skills, experience, and resources to fulfill your landscaping needs and exceed your expectations of quality and responsiveness.

Working in the industry since 1991, Chandler’s Mulch Pro not only offers you high quality pine mulch and tree bark mulch products, it also offers you mulch blowing services to make mulch installation easier and hassle-free for you. The company utilizes its experience and expertise to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of mulching, including protection against soil erosion, moisture retention, and a perfect manicured look.


Pine Mulch

This finely shredded, high-quality product is perfect to mulch flower beds and add striking, vibrant colors to a landscape.

Tree Bark Mulch

Used particularly attractive when used around trees and shrubs, tree bark mulch offered by Chandler’s is free from rocks and pallets.

Mulch Blowing

This highly efficient mulching technique takes hassle and headache out of the mulching process by ensuring quick but uniform application of mulch over large areas.

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